The Juuty® story

Founders Rik & Rosanne from the Netherlands visited Bangladesh in 2014 during their world tour. The couple were touched by the social and natural environment, so they decided to contribute to the development of Bangladesh. From this philosophy Juuty® is founded. After half a year of research in Bangladesh, Juuty® started a partnership with a factory, which is affiliated to the CBI (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), that endorses fair trade principles and encourages female labour force participation. The employees work in a safe and positive environment, where everyone is treated equally. Everyone gets a fair wage and is entitled to holidays.

Towards the end of 2016 there was doubt about the future of Juuty® and 2 Belgians decided to take the brand: two entrepreneurs who have not hesitated to step out of their comfort zone.

The philosophy of the founders to work with sustainable materials and produce fashionable bags handmade in Bangladesh, was retained, but expanded to include any fair-trade environment and where future designs were put into the hands of upcoming creative talents.

Juuty® is one of the first and only brands that uses a newly developed type of jute. This jute is very durable, odourless and very soft. This fibre is one of the most environmentally friendly fibres in the world. Partly because of its colour jute is also known as the “golden fibre”.

The leather of the current collection of Juuty® is produced using the most environmentally friendly tanning techniques available in leather production (natural ingredients instead of harmful chemicals). Only 10% of the global leather production is tanned in this way. Juuty® is committed to the long-term use of 100% environmentally and animal-friendly materials.